This year I am amping up my Art and Creativity Coaching practices and putting my Psychology practice on hold, or maybe just on a back burner for a while. I need time to heal from years of a career that focused exclusively on serving others at the expense of exploring my own creative passions. Some may see this as a selfish act. However, I see it as a conscious decision to focus on my own healing, so that I can ultimately better serve others by being a happier, healthier human being who has the courage to pursue her dreams without worrying too much about how this might be perceived by other people who do not understand the importance of living an authentic life.

I took a long break from showing any of my paintings after realizing that I was not going to immediately and seamlessly manage to fit into the local ‘art scene’. This happened with my social life as well. The area that I live in does not readily accept newcomers. You need to know at least some of the ‘right’ people and have good name recognition before anyone will trust you. I know many people who decided to leave after unsuccessfully trying to ‘break in’. I noticed this in my Psychology practice as well, but I just happened to be persistent enough to have eventually been accepted. I assume and TRUST that this pattern will spread to my Art Career. I have somehow managed not to give up and have had some real breakthroughs. I encourage all emerging Artists not to give up, unless they have completely stopped enjoying the Art Making Process. I doubt that I will ever be able to give up on my Art at this point as painting has recently become my preferred form of communication. I do however need to get some help to master the technology involved in marketing my work to a much wider audience, if I am ever to make a living selling paintings❤️