From the First Creative Renewal Beach Retreat  in 2017 at Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina


Welcome to my Creativity Coaching Page!

I am a Certified Creativity Coach who has been in private practice as a Clinical Psychologist since 1988. I draw on my many years of training and experience as a Psychologist, as well as my background in Art, Theater, and Music to effectively and compassionately serve my coaching clients.

My current coaching services include, individual coaching sessions over the telephone, as well as online and ‘in person’ classes, workshops and beach and mountain Creative Renewal Retreats.

My creativity workshops and retreats involve the use of art, drama, music and movement to facilitate personal growth and creativity. The workshops are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individuals present, and can be provided on or off site depending on the need.

Destination retreats take place either on the coast of North Carolina or up in the mountains in La Porte Colorado.

I call the type of Creativity Coaching that I do, ‘Creative Expression Coaching’ because my focus is on helping my clients to utilize their own creative self expression to both heal themselves, and to connect more authentically and effectively with others.

Please call 919-918-1014 to find out about upcoming workshops, classes and retreats.

I can be reached to schedule a free coaching consultation at as well as or by calling and leaving a detailed voice message at 919-918-1014.


Individual Coaching Packages:

One hour long individual coaching session or two half hour coaching sessions per month plus unlimited emails and texts  at 200.00 per month

Two hour long  or four half hour long phone coaching sessions per month plus unlimited emails and texts at 400.00  per month

Four hour long phone coaching sessions or eight half hour long coaching sessions with unlimited emails and tests at 800.00 per month

Creative Expression Workshops:

Half Day 100.00

Full Day with Lunch 200.00


Creative Renewal Beach and Mountain Retreats:

Four Days and Three Nights: 600.00

Six Days and Five Nights: 1200.00



Classes will be two hours long, will run on monthly schedules and will cost 200.00 per month.


Detailed schedules of upcoming Creativity Coaching events will appear on this page, as they are determined.

Here are some testimonials from some of my recent workshops: