This piece was given to an old college friend as a gift, and is entitled ‘Looking Forward and Back’.  It portrays an older woman looking back on her life while imagining what may be to come.


I began painting seriously at age nine with great passion and committment. However, in my early 20’s I started developing sensitivities to oil paint and turpentine as well as becomming aware of some visual issues I had, that did not allow me to see in three dimensions. Due to my allergies and my frustration at not being able to see clearly what I was trying to paint, I completely stopped painting from the ages of 22-52 and instead threw myself into a 30 year career as a Clinical Psychologist. During these years, I focused exclusively on helping others to find and express their true life purpose. I then believed that I had found mine, by becoming a Psychologist, Wife and Mother.  However,  after my mother died in 2006, I became almost completely overwhelmed by a strong desire to paint again. At first, it was difficult for me to get started due to anxiety about what to paint and how to paint it, so that it would be worth looking at. I also worried about what other people would think of me, if I got obsessed with painting as much as I did as a child and young adult.  As a young person, I mainly painted people from live models. However, due to my visual issues, this became more and more challenging. Today, I mainly paint abstracts from my own imagination. I allow my paintings to paint themselves as I listen to music. I allow the music that I listen to, to take my mind and hands to wherever the spirit moves them.  I find this practice to be healing on many levels. I also teach and lead expressive arts healing groups and provide individual creativity coaching to others both over the phone and in person, to help others to connect with their own creative power to heal themselves, others and the planet we live on.


I can be reached at 9199181014 or via email at