I began studying how to paint realistically in oils at the age of nine, with great passion and commitment. I took individual lessons in someone’s basement and then started group lessons from a local abstract artist in Great Neck, New York named Adele Schiff, who soon became the embodiment of what I wanted to be like when I grew up.  During and after high school, I studied drawing, human anatomy and painting at the Arts Students League of New York (1973-1978), sculpture and painting at Sarah Lawrence College (1974-1978), and printmaking, photography and painting at Syracuse University (1973). However, in my early 20’s I started developing sensitivities to oil paint and turpentine. I also started becoming aware of some annoying visual issues that did not allow me to see well in three dimensions. Due to my allergies and my frustration at not being able to perceive depth as others did, I completely stopped painting from the ages of 22-52 and instead threw myself into a 30 year long career as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. During these years, I focused exclusively on helping others to find and express their true life purpose. I thought that I had already found mine, by becoming a psychologist, wife and mother.  However, immediately after my mother died in 2006, I was seized by a strong, almost uncontrollable, desire to create Art again. At first, it was difficult for me to get started due to anxiety about not remembering how to draw or paint.  I didn’t start painting abstracts right away. I started by making Mandalas out of various materials, such as colored pencils and needlepoint. I slowly started taking painting classes at the Arts Center in Carrboro, North Carolina where I live, and began to paint regularly and to sell my paintings at local juried and non juried art exhibitions.  I was recently juried in as a member of The Orange County Artist’s Guild and plan to focus more energy on painting and selling my work as the years go by.

In 2015, I obtained a Certificate in the field of Creativity Coaching, and gradually transformed my Psychology practice into a Creativity Coaching Practice. I currently work with individual coaching clients over the phone and provide occasional classes, workshops and retreats.  Please see the Creativity Coaching page on this site for more information.

In terms of my Art, I am mainly focused on painting abstracts.  I allow my paintings to paint themselves as I listen to music. I allow the music that I listen to, to take my mind and hands to wherever the spirit moves them. Then, I slowly refine the paintings into something that others might find interesting and meaningful. One aspect of painting that I particularly enjoy is mixing colors to find just the right hue and intensity to bring out the best in the colors that surround them. For me,  this can become an emotionally meaningful act that symbolizes the process of bringing out the best in each individual (color or person), in a manner that contributes to the harmony of the (painting or human society as a whole). I find this process uniquely empowering in this era of conflict and despair over bringing people together to work for a common cause.

In general, I view the process of Creative Self Expression as a vital human experience that can deepen one’s connection to themselves, their loved ones, and to the world at large. I have always been fascinated by the power of Art to heal both the emotions and the spirit. I strive to do this for myself and others through my painting practice as well as my Creativity Coaching practice.


I can be reached via email at steevijane@gmail.com or by calling me at 919-918-1014. Please email or call to find out whether or not a particular painting that you like has been sold.  You can come to my studio to view my paintings by appointment, or by coming by during the OCAG Studio Tour, November 2nd , 3rd, 9th or 10th between 9am and 5pm.