Heading into Winter 2018

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I am down to one lone client in my Psychology practice and still thinking seriously about pursuing art and creativity coaching full time. The problem with this scheme is that the only way I’ve ever made any real money in my life has been by being a Psychologist. Just as I was settling into a state of semi acceptance of my new path in life, two things happened. One, I was offered a good Psychology job through a trusted local social service agency, and two, I found out that my basement art studio was in need of structural repair. I feel as though … The Universe is testing me. (as if it never stops, testing All of Us). Each time we are ‘tested’ we must pause to look inside our own hearts, minds and sometimes even our ‘souls’, to find our next proper action. I’ll let you in on mine, as soon as I figure it out. Until then, I will continue to do my Kundalini Yoga and meditate every day.


Love, Steevie

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I started painting as a young child and gave it up at age 22 due to vision problems as well as sensitivies to the chemicals in oil paints. I pursued a career as a Clinical Psychologist for 30 years got married twice, and raised a child, but knew deep inside that ‘something was still missing’ . I started painting again in 2008, started showing my work in 2013, and have been slowly but surely developing my adult painting style in my sixties. Looking forward to 30 more years of happy ‘Arting’!