Four years and counting…

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It’s been four years since I started showing and selling my paintings ( after a 30 year gap). I still have a lot to learn and a lot of personal issues to overcome before I will feel that I am fulfilling my potential as an Artist. I am (as usual) finding it easier to coach other Artists than I am being able to successfully push my self forward towards my own creative goals. Lately, I have been re-learning how to use watercolors to express my deep love of color and form. I feel most pleased with my attempts at watercolor abstracts and yet something is missing….It has to do with textures and smell. The big question in my mind right now is ‘How do I create a satisfying sence of texture using such a two dimensional medium? Will I stay tuned, or change the channel. Only time will tell!

This article was written by SJP

I started painting as a young child and gave it up at age 22 due to vision problems as well as sensitivies to the chemicals in oil paints. I pursued a career as a Clinical Psychologist for 30 years got married twice, and raised a child, but knew deep inside that ‘something was still missing’ . I started painting again in 2008, started showing my work in 2013, and have been slowly but surely developing my adult painting style in my sixties. Looking forward to 30 more years of happy ‘Arting’!